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What’s New:

Seems to be awhile since we have received or sent out any good news. So it gives us a lot of pleasure to share with all our clients past, present and future some good news now.

First, our daughter Gillian became our newest assistant guide last fall. After acing her guide test she went straight out to guide with 100% success on her season!

We have been seeing more mule deer, whitetail deer and black bears the last 3 seasons. The old burns are providing a good food source and have attracted more animals to the area.

On top of that we have secured another area that adjoins ours, tripling the size of the area. This provides even better opportunities for bear, deer, moose, cougar, lynx and wolf. If that is not enough a large portion of the area is mountainous providing excellent mule deer habitat, beautiful scenery and most exciting, we have mountain goat hunts!

Hunts Duration Dates Prices
Spring Black Bear 5 full days May – June $3000, second bear $1000
Fall Black Bear 5 full days September 1 – 30 $3000, second bear $1000

Our goal is to take six hunters each season on a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 basis. This will keep pressure to a minimum and provides a more personalized hunt with the guide outfitter as your guide.

Allan Tew has had tremendous success with archery and rifle hunters. Expect to harvest bears measuring six feet and over. With the opportunity to take two bears, our hunters have the luxury of shopping for colour phase bears.

This is a fantastic spot and stalk hunt. You cannot go wrong. (Larger groups or non-hunters can be accommodated.)

Black bear Black bear


Hunts Duration Dates Prices
Fall Black Bear / Mule Deer combo 5 full days
September 1 – 30 $5500
Early Mule Deer 5 full days
Sept. 1 – Oct. 31 $3850

We run this hunt under the same principles of each of our hunts: minimum pressure, a personalized hunt with the guide outfitter as your guide. This is a fun and exciting hunt that keeps you going all day. Deer, like the one pictured below, are considered average. The mule deer provides our most difficult hunt, which is just the nature of all mule deer hunting.

Mule deer Black bear bowhunting


Hunts Duration Dates Prices
Late Mule Deer 5 full days
November 1 – 30 $4500
Archery Mule Deer 5 full days
December 1 – 10 $5000

Same principle as all of our hunts. Expect cold weather winter conditions. The possibility of taking a trophy mule deer is definitely here. Hunters are welcome to carry a wolf tag and/or coyote tag for no additional hunt fees, just the cost of the tag(s).

The antlers shown below all came from the region and score from 140 to 190 Boone and Crockett.

Mule deer Antlers

Hunts Duration Dates Prices
Bull Moose 7 full days
Sept. 10 – Nov. 15 $7000

Spots for moose hunts are more limited than ever and are spoken for quickly. We are still booking but be prepared to book well in advance.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Hunts Duration Dates Prices
Mountain Goat 7 full days
Sept. 1 – Oct. 1 $9500
Winter Wolf 5 full days
Dec. 1 – Mar. 31 $4500
Cougar 7 full days
Dec. 1 – Mar. 31 $9500

Bull MooseWolves


Chilanko Forks Outfitters
Allan and Denise Tew

PO Box 19
Chilanko Forks  BC
V0L 1H0

(new) Phone Number: 250.481.1158
e-mail: hunt@chilankoforksoutfitters.com

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